DORS 230 מכשיר בדיקה וזיהוי שטרות 60 מטבעות

DORS 230 is intended for automatic authenticity control of different currencies. There is no need for user to know the security features of banknotes and the ways of their control.

Innovative patented banknote validation system (BVS).
All world currencies are in one database.
Touch screen instead of keys.
Multilanguage graphic animated interface.



Size of admissible banknote width is 58 to 85mm, length is 100 to 181mm
Speed of verification 60 notes per minute
Display Color LCD 8.9cm
Control panel Touch screen

נתונים טכניים

Weight 0.55kg

Dimensions 115х104.5х86mm


Connection to PC mini USB